I am a Shop

We turn ideas into beautiful, usable software. We work with Ruby on Rails, iOS and related technologies.


Tom Lucas

Tom's a designer with a background in print and interactive design. He picked up an MA in Communication Design from the Royal College of Art in London back in 2005.

He also spends time working at the Royal College of Art teaching artists and designers to be better business folk.

James Andrews

James is passionate about design, user experience and application architecture. His background is in full-stack development predominantly using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JQuery, Bootstrap.

He's founded a number of startups, including web agency Blue Sky and web analytics software company WebAbacus as well as co-founding Go Free Range.

Matt Huddie

Matt Huddie is a highly skilled developer and analytics expert with extensive experience in database design and a number of programming languages. He predominantly focusses on mobile development for iOS (iPhone & iPad) as well as having extensive experience in developing in Ruby, Java and C#.

He has a particular interest in analytics and data mining, with the conviction that analytics should be a core component of any well designed web application.

Recent work

Who's Going

Who's Going / ASOS

Working closely with the client and a partner, we provided end-to-end delivery of the application. From building an initial prototype, through to final delivery (including various iterations and releases), our work included functional and UI design, coding of the app, managing the App Store submission process and building the launch website and web-based content management solution and API.



Using a combination of clever algorithms and good old fashioned stylist know how, Dressipi let's women shop online with confidence by recommending only the clothes that suit them.

We worked with Dressipi for over a year spearheading the update of the app to Rails 3, updating the interface and implementing features such as collections, enhanced filtering and Facebook integration.



TellYouGov lets you express your opinion on anything and everything and allows you and others to track your opinions.

James was part of the team that built the application which included the processing and display of sentiments, robust import/export routines and helping ensure the application scaled. He subsequently became responsible for maintaining the application, adding a number of reporting features and relocating and updating the hosting infrastructure.

We've worked on de Ballet together and independently for people like Royal College of Art, MUBI, Christopher Raeburn, PureSolo, Stella McCartney/Adidas, Jeff Banks, University of the Creative Arts, Bowen Craggs & Co., ArtVehicle and Barbican.